COMD3504 - Section OL01 - Fall 2020

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Assignment 11

What is referred to as mainstream today was born from what was once considered underground. I believe this is a revolving cycle not just now in contemporary times but even in the past. Heller says that the mainstream takes the underground and call it cool. Which is to me a form of exploitation and in some case could be looked at as cultural appropriation. The merger between the two is a fine line, because sometimes it seems like the transition from underground to mainstreams feels seamless. The battle between the two can be very frustrating for creators themselves especially when business gets involved. As Heller said mass marketers steal ideals from visionaries and thens slightly change the idea or in some cases don’t change it at all, which is a very nasty practice but still occurs to this day.   

Assignment 8

In This ad the Todd Synder a menswear fashion brand ran an ad for pride 2020 with featured members of the lgbt community and was photographed by a gay photographer activist Ryan Pfluger
In this ad by river island it is inclusive to those who may not feel perfect or comfortable with themselves its letting them know that its okay to be different and to embrace every aspect of themselves.
This ad by Lee Jeans is not only racially inclusive but also body type inclusive it recognizes that women are of all different shapes and sizes and color.
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