Mainstream now is what is capturing the audience’s (us) attention from behind the screen or device but yet make us believe that the ‘industry’ is something so fascinating. Whereas, underground is basically the complete opposite. It’s is called underground for a reason because it is not ‘well-known/popular’ or better yet ‘not out in the public’. These terms are usually known when talking about music or anything apart of ‘the industry’, whether art/design or music. Not many are familiar with ‘underground’ but according to Steven Heller’s article, she mentions “Mass marketers steal ideas from visionaries, alter them in slightly if at all, then reissue them to the public as new products”. Basically, it is taking their visionary concepts then changing them around to then publicize them as their own. In comparison to contemporary design, I feel that it is mainstream because designs now still give a look of futurism. 

For my presentation, I speak about The Experimental Jetset in comparison with JanTschichold and how his ‘New Typography’ too inspiration into Jetset’s graphic identity with the 104 Manual and other designs. First, explaining who the Experimental Jetset is in a Prezi presentation with the following slide introducing the 104 Manual with sub slides giving a description of their graphic identity which includes, text, color, etc. Following with an intro of Jan Tschichold then comparison and contrast of their work, explaining what theories are in relation to their concept of work.