Reading these three short texts have made me fully realize and understand how one should design. Jan Tschichold is one of my favorite typographic designers, his simple yet bold design style is fascinating. 

In Jan Tschichold’s “The New Typography” it discusses how a typographical design should be full of clarity and not too overwhelming too look at. In that case, I strongly agree because imagine looking at a design work where your eyes wander from one place to another not knowing exactly what to read first or to stop at. It makes it very difficult to understand the concept of the whole layout. I’m the text, it shows a typographical design layout where there was lots of type scattered with different typefaces and ornaments. It was honestly terrible to look at, it did not give negative space a chance. Tschichold himself then redesigned it and made it very clear and simple which I’m very sure it was appealing for the audience to look at. He removed the ornaments giving the layout white space, lessened the amount of typefaces and used bold font for important text details. 

Another text was Josef Müller-Brockmann’s “Grid and Design” shows us how using a grid can keep chaotic, messy, and irrational design elements under control. We still use grids as today and it shows how effective it is. Basically, in the design world, designers should always keep in mind these very important things. Design layouts should not be overwhelming and chaotic for the viewers to understand, it is okay to give more white space instead of ornaments. It’s also fine to use less typeface rather than five and it’s fine to use the most useful way in designs which is the grid.