COMD3504 - Section OL01 - Fall 2020

Maisha Khan – Assignment 1b

The role that design should play in the world today is to communicate the client’s message in terms of formal coherence. Designers in the 1960s took the notion of turning subjectivity into objectivity and emotions into neutrality. Designers today still follow this realm with the post-modern outlook that brought impossibilities of neutrality and objectivity. The field of design is more in tune with having a clear working method in simple terms we think is the truest, that is up to date with the world today and having to solve problems as well. Times are always changing, and as designers, we must adapt to the new world of art and new problems that arise within that period.   

As designers today we are communicators to inform the public of some new development in some fields. As we understand not only the design element but understand about printing, techniques that are used, and colors that indicate a specific meaning to the viewer as well. We can say designers hold way more value as being the “artist of today,” not simply because of the scientific scope like other occupations but the idea of adaptation to what the society demands with a stylistic approach that is constantly changing. Since the content change, we must dive into the world of unsolvable theoretical questions to look further into the future concerns to shape the upcoming “new world.” Just as designers in the early twentieth century rose to the difficulties of their societies, so can we take on the complexities of the rising millennium.

Technology played a crucial part in shaping the design profession because images before were all hand-drawn or painted, now reproduction is so much easier and faster. As of today, technology has advanced throughout the years creating software applications such as Adobe and other application for creating most of the designs we have today. We have mixed the ancient way of sketching and painting with technology to advance the design we create to pertain to the world of technology we live in. Issues that were presented was authorship, universality, and social responsibilities, that are key to the avant-garde ideology, that surrounds the future of the unknown.

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