Dennis U. Nov 25

The article “The Underground Mainstream” by Steven Heller talks about how there are two sides one with mainstream and the underground. Mainstream mostly talks about advertisement but to do so the design need to top notch. However, with term underground to mean I believe is just working on a low profile but still doing a lot of design work. Even though they’re both different from each other it is relevant to contemporary design. For example for mainstream it stats in the article “Their collective goal was to raise the level of both manufacture and design while changing timeworn habits and antiquated expectations, yet their ideas became established.” When it comes to contemporary it is the style that doesn’t fell outdated so the quote theories that with mainstream it focus on change but keep the idea similar. Underground is kind of similar maybe because they do work but have their own goal to change mainstream or help. However, it does related to the design because each one wants to change but help still fell that the style isn’t outdated. With the idea of mainstream and underground I believe that my final project that talks about Disney Animation, well it have to be mainstream. The reason for that one of the articles it states “ Watching the old Disney shorts made me think about what people must have been going through during WWII.” Showing that back then their showing what’s going on in the world with the animation. Showing the pubic by using characters and story that goes on in the war. How it follows in the idea of underground idea maybe it was related to what goes on. For example, in the other article it say’s “ TOMY International announces the retail arrival of its line of toys inspired by the highly anticipated Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film Zootopia.” From what I read I think this influence from movies that help others created new ideas or figure. Another influence that was similar is in the article where it say’s “… The Incredibles. With this incredible new line of accessories, kids can protect and customize their Game Boy Advance SP handheld gaming system, game cartridges, or other gadgets.” Another influence by a movie, which changes the view of a company and creates something that was recently created. Maybe this has to do with how the article talks about the idea of underground but with mainstream I think it follows the meaning.


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