Assignment for November 25

Our next reading will be a short essay by Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground Mainstream. Here is a PDF: Heller_UndergroundMainstream2008

Your response to this text will be a minor variation on our usual format. You’ll type a 1-page response, ap. 300 words, in 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced. You’ll also include a short bibliography. These should be uploaded as a PDF.

The goal for using this format is to promote research for your final poster and presentation.

Please respond to the following prompt:
How, according to Heller, is the concept of mainstream vs. underground relevant in contemporary design? Where do the designs or the designer that you’ll be addressing for your final presentation fit into this dichotomy? What sort of underground designs influenced the work in question, and in what ways has it, or will it eventually, shape the mainstream. Use at least 3-4 sources from the library to support your response. Include citations.

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