ZIKAI CHEN -October 7th

From all of the reading, I can see defining the aesthetics and ideas form Walter Gropius, László Moholy-Nagy, and Herbert Bayer. The key elements lacking in the art of the past are productive forces, Herbert Bayer pointed out “the manual skill and approach of the craftsman were seen to be inevitably replaced by mechanical techniques. ” which mean previous artwork was limit form hand made. Right now, we can print that artwork simply.
The necessary for making art in the future is creativity and adaptability because people live in modern society, there is tons of information bombing your mind every day, you ou have to adapt to it and basic on those information to Go beyond these creations to making art. Herbert Bayer also says “the aesthetic restraint that limits the development of the book must finally be overcome, and new ideas must logically be deduced from the function of typography and its carriers.” which means we have to improve our ability to accept new things.
Walter Gropius believed that these schools were too conventional and never let the designer experience true design. The school has the responsibility to teach students how to express themselves individually. the step to be a successful designer is to create the art of your style.
The form, the rendering, is constructed out of the optical and associative relationships: into a visual, associative, conceptual, synthetic continuity: into the typophoto as an unambiguous rendering in an optically valid form. The typophoto governs the new tempo of the new visual literature. So, the visual impact will be one of the most important artistic ways in the future.

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