Obed Ledezma – October 7th HW

Some key elements that were lacking in the art field of the past were individuality and having the space to be creatively open as well as the process and production. They were so consumed with the orthodox that it hard for them to break free from it. They also lacked reproduction and the change of ownership. In the text, Gropius shows that typography of the past was not preserved as a Bauhaus aesthetic idea but more of a theoretical approach to the instruction that was not practiced. Moholy-Nagy also partakes that past art lacked the right amount of technology in photographic effects and purity of linear effects since there were no printing machines. Bayer argues the same claim in regards to that of traditional art and how it lacked the aesthetic approach of mass production of media due to the lack of special tools of typewriting, and machines. The insufficient provision of these materials that are major components and so critical to the process of creating art really did damage to the elements of production.

To me, the necessity for making art in the future is to still have a connection to the past in terms of elements but also creating a new idea that will be ahead of its time. It’s more of a feeling from within that artist to receive. Bayer in the text said that typography doesn’t need to be simple but encouraged that is should be different. He wanted to help artists from whatever time. In the text, I was able to read about Moholy-Nagy and his views on typography and how every printing press would have to possess a block-making plant as it lies in the photomechanical processes. In my opinion, art is something that must continue and be preserved because of its one of the things that live on forever. This idea or view within a piece of work that lives forever will help history and future generations. It is also important to still have a connection to new ideas and the advancement of the world as it changes every second. To be aware of the surroundings and changes happening every day globally in order to grow.

Academia should teach artists how to express themselves individually. I don’t think art should always be drawn from or have a certain connection to something other. The more individualistic art becomes the more individuality and fresh set of ideas submerge. It will help with the advancement of humanity as well as the brain. As well as being honest. Criticism goes a long way and is very healthy because it helps you grow as an artist to become stronger and more insightful. The world is changing rapidly and modernity is everywhere so its important to have those sets of artistic values in order to navigate within the art world.

Typography, color, and hierarchy are still used in the 21st century. Typography is one of the key ones because you can constantly play with it and reinvent, depending on the environment of a place as well as the time in which you’re living in. When it comes to color it has the ability to shape the mood of the environment and plays with our brains differently. Hierarchy is my favorite because it comes to play with the aesthetic of my designing process. Hierarchy is so important and elemental because it is what attracts the viewer and what you’re usually graded upon.

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