Obed Ledezma – September 23rd HW

Authors Marinetti, Aleksandr Rodchenko, and El Lissitzky found that it was time for something new within the art world to emerge from the 20th century. They all shared the common interest of bringing a new style of art to their societies in order to advance and progress. They each wanted to bring, new ideas of art to form and reflect the new wave of technologies that inspired a generation of artistic movements. From the reading, I understood that they found these ways by deconstructing everything from the past and reshaping it into something new in order to create these new ideas. Seeing it more as an evolution rather than something completely out of the ordinary. The MO was to move past everything monumental like museums, libraries, etc. and bring in new and improved ideas for a future that is equal and liberated from those that oppress it and keep it from progressing itself.

In order to follow, the artists had to anticipate their art and design without allowing the outside world to bring in their ideas, that what they were doing was wrong. They had to be brave and bold in order for their ideas to be passed along. They were more focused on leaving the orthodox and embracing the unorthodox. The manifesto gave the artist a bravado to continue on with the hopes of passing this idea and no being afraid of taking the risks even if it meant putting everything including themselves at risk.

Reading the passages and each of the authors work I realized that a lot of the ideas of the authors intersected. Marinetti, El Lissitzky and Aleksandr Rodchenko wanted to intertwine and uplift the idea of technology and art within a movement. They each wanted to push away from the orthodox since it was leading nowhere and push more towards the sciences, technology and what was evident. The futuristic campaign wanted to stray away from older art and bring in a newer model of art, fashion, etc. A lot of it was about progression, innovation, and process and how they can add to the evolution of art and the world, to spring a newer and more advanced society.

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