Dennis U. September 23

  1. From what I readied I believe that each of the authors had their own way to improve art. For example, one had to used art in a book cover so that it can grab people to see what’s about. After all, it was help with technology to make that possible and with this the idea of art improve with technology. As for the other author I didn’t get much until the end when it talks about futurism. The author made a list that seems like an event or something to related to futurism. In this article it say’s “ 10. We want to demolish museums and libraries, fight morality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice.” From what a read using futurism in art can send a message saying what’s going or that this might happen later on. Lastly the last article is a poem but it seems like it talk about the change it is going on I think. I will say that in the beginning was it say’s that the process and goes on with other technology mention. However, from what I get that sense time is changing even art can change.
  2. How these authors anticipated how art would change and explain in their own articles. For example, the word futurism is one of them because it talks about war and other action. After all, there was design in art to support the cause in different scenario. As for how the technology help it shows that art doesn’t only have to be drawn it can work with technology. However, most them involved with change that it’s not going to stop and see how this change can be good for art.
  3. I believe that these ides where the author thinks about art intersect and where it might go. For example, one of the author talk about technology it talks about how it changes and now it is still changing. Also, how this diverges is the computers because now the artist used programs to help with digital art. However, technology is still changing and don’t know what else can change with digital art maybe virtual. As for one that talk about futurism that’s an idea that will go on no matter what because change is going to happen. With this people will diverge this change because people think what can change and how can it help the world of art or something else, Overall, change is going to happen like all these author talk about different ideas that is what cause the change. No one has one idea there are multiple ideas that people will think because change starts with us.

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