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Culture jamming is the practice of copying advertisements and billboards in order to change their messages to better fit they companies’ narrative. Finding the roots of culture jamming is impossible because it is a type of plagiarism of graffiti, modern art, do-it-yourself projects. In 1993, Mark Dery wrote “Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs”. For Dery, culture jamming is anything, essentially, that mixes art, media, parody and the outsider stance. The rebirth of culture jamming has to do with the fact that there is constantly new types of technology and devices being invented every day. Since every day a new type of technology is being invented this leads “culture jamming” to become easier to the public.

The common ground between the anti-consumerist ideas and Paul Rand’s corporate “Good Will” is that there is a basic and simplistic art style both artist use to convey the idea that logos are just another form of advertising that can inevitably be copied for another person’s use or to manipulate generations.

For Rodriguez de Gerada, the true revolution has been in the impact desktop publishing has had on the techniques available to ad hackers. Over the course of the last decade, he says, culture jamming has shifted “from low-tech to medium-tech to high-tech,” with scanners and software programs like Photoshop now enabling activists to match colors, fonts and materials precisely. He states: “I know so many different techniques that make it look like the whole ad was reprinted with its new message, as opposed to somebody coming at it with a spray-paint can.”


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