Underground Art refers to when artists steal an artwork, alter a few aspects of it, and then sell it as an original. Despite the method used to create this are it actually gained a lot of followers. The reading makes it clear that “the phenomenon is not new, however. From the beginning of the twentieth century avant-gardes have ceded original ideas to the mass marketplace.” In some instances art can be a remix of someone else’s idea or even a combination of multiple people’s ideas. This is especially true with music. Different music styles, beats, and arrangements are copied and remixed all the time giving birth to new songs. Heller states in his reading “How can one design if the past is unknown? As a political tool it helps to understand the language of persuasion, even if the goal of the design brief is not to change politics.” From the moment it was created, art throughout the ages has been (fundamentally at least) a remix of what came before it.