As we prepare for our final class session your last remaining task should be to make sure all your work for the semester is posted to OpenLab.

This means confirming that you’ve uploaded:
– Your bibliography for the final,
– Images/files of your presentation,
– Any missing assignments for the semester

Note: If you shared a link to a pre-recorded presentation, you are still responsible for posting images of the poster/powerpoint. Ideally this will be a pdf, but if you created a prezi presentation, or are having issues with file size, you can post jpeg(s) of your document.

With regard to past assignments, the Assignments page on this site should serve as a checklist. (You can click on your own name in any of your recent posts to filter your submissions, then open the Assignments page in a separate tab to cross-reference.) Please email me if you have any questions regarding any assignments.

Looking forward to our last day of presentations. Please be ready to engage with your peers’ presentations, and please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.