These Authors envision a world where art would be seen something outdated and technology would take its place. What I think they mean is that art can be applied differently. Long are the days that your just an artist with no creative freedom and just making paintings or sculptures of historical references or doing masterpieces for the church. They would be other forms of art. Such as industrial design in the case of, Aleksandr Rodchenko who was an artist turned constructor/ assembler. Furthermore, the role is in helping society. It would come about in angles as Alesksandr would say or language in the case of El Lissitzky. Art would be seen in angles such as shapes like a line, grid, composition and shapes. This reminds me a lot Alfred Stieglitz and his famous photo “The Steerage”, which was seen as the first form of modern photograph because it moved on from the past of capturing a moment in time or a portrait of person and evolved the expanded to focus on modern graphic design theory such as shapes, compositions etc.… Again, moving forward not being stuck in pass with technology.

I also believe they all have similar views of moving own from the past of the artist not having a sense of voice or doing things by the books and trying to find new forms of art. Where I think they differ is El Lissitzky doesn’t believe art would just go away, instead other ways would take its place. As she mentions that technology would just enhance it and make it better such as theaters are still seen and viewed the same as before such with slight improvements or the way to read a book is still the same after these years. Theres no need to forget or cast aside the past when you can enhance it or in some cases is already fully optimized.

I believe what remains presents is the need of wanting to expand and grow. Trying to find new ways of art and don’t always worry about how the people use to do it before, and creating a new path. What I think is problematic is discarding the past and taking notes from what came before. As these people are well informed and is important to learn from the past to not make the same mistake as was done before them.