What is the future of design and technology as a whole? Is there a difference between artistic expression and analytical engineering? Is it possible for them to coexist in a symbiotic relationship? The three manifestos that I read today aim to answer these questions with give different interpretations. Firstly lets talk about The Futurist Manifesto gives a macho vibrato interpretation of the future of design. He aimed to focus on war and violence demolishing museums and libraries in focus of on the beauty of struggle and grit. There is an opposition to feminism and morality because in the authors view it is seen as cowardice. Which in my opinion is appalling but very indicative of the times and the way men perceived their talents at the time.

However in the two other manifesto’s they were both speaking about the symbiotic relationship of the designer to the product they are promoting. However one was more thinking about it being a detriment while the other is focusing on it being an enhancement. For example in the Who We Are manifesto it was stated that “technology was the mortal enemy of art… we are fighting the punitive force… we are but slave workers.” Emphasizing the feeling of just being cogs of the machine on mass production and exploitation. While on the other hand in the other article Our Book it was stated that “…In this way there develops a
technique of simple effectiveness, which appears to be very easy to operate
and for that reason can easily develop into dull routine, but which in powerful
hands turns out to be the most successful method of achieving visual poetry.” Which indicates in the hands of an average person the technique of design is a simple but easy dull routine but in the hands of the designer it brings a more successful amazing work of art.