The view from my window

I live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Ive lived in my apartment for 15 years now and the view from my window never changed. There are two windows in my room in which you get different perspectives looking out each window. When I look outside, I see 2 big trees, one on my left one on my right. If I were to describe the shape of the trees, I would say they have an organic shape, in which the lines flow naturally. I also see several houses right in front of me, their lines form geometric shapes, like most houses, creating rectangles, squares, and even triangle tops.

If I change my position from one window to the other, I can see the street, stop signs, crosswalk sign, and if I look deeper, I can see the sidewalk on the next block. I can say that the basic components that compose that view are lines, points, and organic lines. The curb on the end of the sidewalk  is curved so therefor it can be classified to have an organic shape. In addition, the poles and and the cross lines, and other houses take regular geometric shapes. But I thought deeper into this. I used what I learned in class and I tried to make everything connect with the view from my window. 2 moths ago the street was fixed, and the workers of course used tar to fix the street. If you look closely into my street, they are a bunch of rocks stuck together, this reminded my of points and pointillism, how the little tiny rocks came together to make a whole big “image” if you will. Try looking out your window, you’ll find plenty of elements.



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