View From My Window sketches and description


The first thumbnails are sketches of what seemed Stable from what I’ve seen outside my window. By stable, I mean that a person sees that there is one focused image. The first image is just a tree, the second image is just the moon, and the third image is just a side-view of a house. The tree, moon, and house are the figure part of the image, the audience focuses only on them. On the other hand the negative portion of the image is the ground, which is what supports the figure. When you think about the shapes used in the thumbnails, you can easily tell that the house uses lines to create a geometric shape, while the tree uses organic lines, where the lines naturally flow to make an image without necessarily using straight lines. The moon also uses organic lines, because it is actually drawn as a curved line to create an arc.


In the second drawings of thumbnails, I sketched Ambiguous images. Ambiguous meaning there is more than one focused image. So, in the first sketch, I simplified what I saw, and maybe added something. I drew a regular house not adding any details to it, then I added a few flying birds (that I didn’t actually see, because what are the odds) so that I can make the audience focus on them as well. And thats one reason I didn’t add details to the house, so that it won’t be as attractive and it wouldn’t make the audience ignore the little birds. The second thumbnail changed the position that I was initially and saw the view, that again I simplified. I I were to draw everything I saw there would be so many things, the audience might just skip it. So I drew a big tree that was in front of a back yard. you can say that the tree was my foreground, the backyard was by middle ground, and the house or the top of it was my background. Lastly, I drew the street which, once again was simplified. I drew the sidewalk, the crosswalk sign, and I disturbed the ground by drawing the two white  cross lines so that a person can also notice it other than the figure.


I apologize if my pictures seem dark, I was trying to be cool and use a charcoal pencil…

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