Monthly Archives: December 2018

Learning Log 12

I did Harper’s Bazaar because of her smiling and the glasses I loved how the logo looked in the front to give it some color, I wrote beauty and style looks as a headline based off of the photo. I love the lighting of the picture and how it focuses on the subject.


Final Project Idea

I decided for my final project idea to go with the nursery rhyme. The one I decided to choose from is “ itsy bitsy spider”. I will be using a model dressed in costume like a black widow look. I will also have her do the hand gestures of the song but creating the a story line that makes sense with the song so people can follow. Along with my pictures. Super excited to see how it comes out.


anther Idea I had was ring around the rosey I would be yawing some images in black and white and in color describing the song also using a female model. My third idea would be little red riding hood but in a modern time perspective