Monthly Archives: October 2018

Homework #1

Out of all the choices I’d have to say my favorite photographers are Davina and Daniel. I was drawn to the wedding section of photography because, I love every aspect of weddings from the planning of the event down to the confusion and excitement of the big day.As a designer when i came into taking a photography class in school i discovered i loved taking portraits and photographing events. Looking though Davina and Daniel’s website I love that they are a couple themselves and work as a team. I was drawn to this particular photo because it incorporates not only the two subjects but also the background scenery, while maintaining the emotion and relationship between them. When looking though photos i was looking for images that required photographers to be patient and take the time to construct a particular shot. Although weddings can be the perfect place for great pictures, i believe great photography should be about more than just a beautiful setting or a beautiful subject.

Learning Log #5

Today’s assignment was to shoot motion and utilize the shutter speed, and panning techniques. I really like this photo because it froze the moment just as the dog was jumping to catch the ball and manipulates the light so that it feels like the end of the day. The only thing i think i would improve is increasing the iso to show a little more detail.

Learning Log #5

Today in class we went out in to the park and we practiced with our motion shots. It was a bit tricky at first trying to capture the image and focusing on what you wanted to make in motion. I soon got the hang of it after a few attempts and practice with the camera.

Learning Log 5

In this picture we had two subjects and they were swinging on the swings, This picture shows movement of the subjects as they go back and forth. I used a very low shutter speed to make the subjects to have the blurry effect. While keeping everything in frozen. I used a tripod to keep the camera still so they wouldn’t be movement at my end.