Homework 2 Photoville

My experience at Photoville was very exciting but before I start here is a little background story about Photoville it is an outdoor exhibit that shows different photographers and their photography and also different photography movements and what each photo represents. Photoville made me look at photography differently normally I will take a photo and sometimes have no purpose, but going to Photoville it inspired me to take pictures that have more meaning or can tell a story for the audience to see. I have some examples of what I mean and will explain what each picture means from the ones that I did love the best.

The first image below is called, “Crying Girl on A Border” in McCallen, Texas, from the movement called, “Undocumented” by John Moore. Out of all photos, this one captured my eye the most because it is basically what happens currently with this Mexican border being up, the composition in the picture was perfect because you’re looking at the main object which is the child and then you only see the bottom half of the police officer and the mom; I felt like I was there just by looking at the photo because it shows so much emotion and it shows impact on how much a mothers love is cherished.

This is my second favorite image and this is in the movement called “The Evolution of Visual Culture”, this captured my eye because I love images with color. In this image it is straight to the point because it has a plain background to focus on the person and the fruitful colors in the picture the colors are so vivid and even the expression on the models face shows culture based on what he is wearing.The way this photo was edited you will almost think that it was a painting which is also amazing because of how vivid the picture is.

This is just a few of many that I loved, I loved the glasshouse, there was also a interactive part where you can pick up a handful of photos and take pictures with them and a whole bunch of photos will print as well, I had so much fun that I wish I took more pictures of everything, I definitely will be coming back next year and recommend everyone to see these amazing photographs. Photoville definitely inspired me to take more photos with great detail and meaning.

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