Homework #1 Adam Pretty

The photographer that I chose is Adam Pretty who is a news photographer. What really made me interested in his work was his mini bio, seeing how he works with advertisement and photography with huge brands like Nike and Adidas was super cool. When I went into his portfolio I looked into sports action reason being is because I love movement photography. His photography amazes me because he captures beautiful shots while in motion which is really hard to do in some cases but he makes it work. I love the picture below because it looks very peaceful and is showing a message which reads to me love and peace. They are both joined together and the birds flying in motion with the humans is what makes this piece so strong. The editing with the black and white makes this stronger and the contrast and negative space makes this picture simple but very strong. Even with the city in the background the main focus is the people and birds while the background being blurry helps the symbolism in the photo.



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