Department of Photography and Imaging Extra Credit

Exploring the NYU Tish building i viewed several works of art from other students. I will say i am very impressed by most of these works from the exhibition but the ones that stood ot to me the most wold have to be “Cachaça é Café” by Danielle Braga Jones. the photos below stood out to me the most with how organically composed these are. i will address that the focusing on these images are a little blurry, but that seems to add to the more organic feeling of the photo especially since she is focussing on family relations and nothing is ever perfect with family but its always loving and that is what im feeling from these photo peace and tranquility.

the other student that i loved work from would be “A Man’s Work” by Sky Algosaibi-Jones. The composition of both of these phots were astethically pleasing seeing ass how the subject is centered frame alongside the contrast of colors. the only thing i can even critque would be the noise in the phtotos seems to bother my eye a little when view the collection. the man picking up garbage was my favorite with how the depth of fiels stands out and rings the subject forward


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