extr credit at nyu tisch

My experience at the exhibit at NYU was interesting as I was able to see the works from other students. I was inspired by many of the photographs that I have seen. There were few that were my favorites and others that I felt missed a mark in becoming a really great picture. One of the pictures that I liked was by Kayla Beltran and it looks like a self portrait of the subject. What I liked about it is that the subject is standing in front of a mirror and the photographer caught her reflection instead of taking a straight forward picture. The use of diagonal lines in this picture creates movement and the overall composition looks like a story is being told.

There was another photo that caught my attention but I feel as though the photographer did a poor job on it. The picture with the man in a yellow coat, cowboy hat and a shotgun in his hands is my least favorite. The photographer did not use the rule of thirds in the picture. There is no sense of contrast and there are no lines leading anywhere in the photo so it doesn’t give the photo motion or any depth. I also think that the picture is too warm and the clouds seem overexposed and makes it look unnatural. If these things were changed then the photo would look better.



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