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Final Project Overview

The story I’m using for my Final Project is the Tortoise and the Hare story. Since a tortoise and a rabbit is hard to come by these days I’m going to have actors dressed up to represent both animals. The shots will include the initial challenge starting, the race itself, the hare stopping mid race to nap while the tortoise passes them and the tortoise claiming victory in the end.

Light Painting

Today in class we dedicated the shoot time to do light painting during long exposure shots. When it came to using the strobe , it was sometimes difficult to calculate where to expose the person at. Second, writing things was pretty complicated as well due to the fact that you have to write everything backwards. Overall a pretty fun experience although there was minor complication

Portrait Lighting 2

  • 3 Point with Background Light

  • Butterfly Light

  • 3 Point with Hair Light

  • Edge Lighting

In today’s class which I was kinda late to, we learned how to take portraits with different lighting setups. Some created deep shadows and other created really interesting points of light. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience to play around with different setups and would definitely do it over again.