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Motion Photography

In this class I experiment with different shutter speeds and aperture to take frozen photos (with higher speed) or blurry photos to show the motion (lower shutter speed). That was very interesting and I’ll practice these techniques in wild life photography (cat movements!).

Hi/Low Key Light

That was a really interesting experience and learning process. I learned how to use light and shadow to create different moods and meanings and of course about using different light sources.

The result of “High-key” lighting is low contrast and soft shadows as you can see in first and last photos.

I like my second photo but the result happened accidentally. I am not sure if we can call this high-key or not!

The result of “Low-Key” with black background, represents the feeling of mystery in the third photo.

In general I can see that my photos are too dark.

Night portrait with flash

That was a great opportunity learning about atmospheric night portrait . I learned how to use flash, based on the result I want to achieve. It was very hard to change aperture, iso, and shutter speed and adjust the flash light, then I decided not to change any of those except aperture. I am not satisfied with colors and need to lean more about that.

Homework#3- Visit Photoville

I’ve been more motivated and inspired since my Photoville visit. I was very exited and I’d rather watch than take photos. Here are two of photos that caught my eyes based on what I’m learning in class. In first photo: the concept is very obvious without reading the description. Also I see background, mid ground, and foreground are shown by focusing on the middle objects.

Second photo: I was analyzing this photo by looking at light and shadow, where the light comes from? what time of the day this photo is taken? what type of light is seen in his face? Is there any other light source? and more…


Learning Log #3- Long Exposure

Very interesting class. I didn’t have tripod but I tried to do the best and experiment what I’d learned. I learned about long exposure with low shutter speed techniques. After this class, I got very inspired and motivated to find out how to do long exposure sky photography!

LL # 1 – Artificial Light Portraits — Classic Editor

I was trying to make a frame for the first photo. For second photo, I used leading lines toward the subject he is looking at. In third photo, I wanted to have light on her face but it seems that I was not successful. It was very challenging for me to work with my new camera and experiment adjusting light and shadows!


by Joe McNally

My favorite photographer from that list is “Joe McNally”.

I like this photo by Joe McNally from his “industrial” series. This photo is very pleasant to eyes. He uses these rules of composition to make this photo: Leading lines , rule of thirds, storytelling (by adjusting light and shadow cleverly).