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LL#2 – Indoor Light – Voorhees Challenge

A lot happier with the outcome of todays photos. Just using the camera more I was able to get better results in different artificial lighting throughout the Voorhees building. The first photo on the left as well the one on the right were taken in the same location but the subjects were standing in different positions. All I did was adjust the ISO to capture the light better. As for the last photo, Gabe is standing in a dark room with the light coming from inside of the classroom. We had a lot of photos with this light. Very pleased with the outcome!!

LL # 1 – Artificial Light Portraits

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3

For our second class, we explored outside the classroom to capture portraits and explore using shadows. Starting off, taking pictures was a bit easier since it was pretty bright outside at that time. Once it got darker and the only source of light was from overheads and store lights, it became more challenging. I need to work on managing the manual settings when capturing in darker light but above are three of my favorites from that evening. 

HW # 1 – Jim Richardson

Thunderstorm and lightning bearing down on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska

Sandhills Lightning

The photograph above was taken by National Geographic Magazine’s Jim Richardson. What attracted me most about this image were all the colors. There is a horizontal gradient happening because of the lightening. On the left is this indigo color and it gets lighter and lighter as you look to the right. You can also see some green in the grass and the color of the porch is this bright green-blue color. The best part is that you can see all these colors in the photo despite it being night time. Additionally, Richardson uses the pillars to frame the lightening and has a nice diagonal line that cuts through the image.