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Final Project Overview

The story I’m using for my Final Project is the Tortoise and the Hare story. Since a tortoise and a rabbit is hard to come by these days I’m going to have actors dressed up to represent both animals. The shots will include the initial challenge starting, the race itself, the hare stopping mid race to nap while the tortoise passes them and the tortoise claiming victory in the end.

Portait Photography






This class we took portraits using different lighting techniques. In these photos the light source is changed to give off different effects. The lighting techniques we focused on was loop lighting, broad lighting, rembrant lighting, short lighting and split lighting. My favorite shots were shot using broad, short and loop lighting.

High Key/Low Key Lighting

This assignment focused on trying to emulate high key and low key lighting. I had a lot of trouble figuring out where my camera settings had to be at so these pictures were taken with random settings. I enjoyed taking photos of the third set up the most because I loved how dramatic the picture was coming out. I took all of these pictures freehand without use of the tripod.

Motion Photography


For this class the focus was to experiment with motion photography. In order to achieve these we had to mess around with different shutter speeds. To get the photos that seem frozen in time a high shutter speed was used and to get the more blurry photo a lower shutter speed was used. It was really fun to see the different effects that shutter speed had on the images. I prefer using the higher shutter speed to catch frozen motion more than using a lower shutter speed because I think the frozen motion looks cooler.

Flash/ Ambient Light

For these pictures the goal was to experiment with both Ambient lighting and Flash light. It was interesting to see how adding a flash amplified or complimented the ambient light of the surrounding area. Learning how to use the diffuser and umbrella was a very interesting experience. Seeing how both the umbrella and the diffuser affected how the light was cast was fun to experiment with. I chose the first two images because I really liked how the shadows looked between the two. The last one I chose because I liked that area of light that appears in the photo.