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LL9- Light Painting


Todays light painting study was so interesting.I personally need to work on getting the correct focused. The Pixel Stick was very fun to play around with but my favorite would of had to of been working on creating multiples of the subject like image number 3. I feel that filling the frame is very important for light painting, it will make or break you’re image.

LL5- Movement


During todays class we worked on movement. I found it a bit difficult but fun. I feel that I lacked composition wise but accomplished some movement in my photos. The final image was the was fun to work on. We used a 10 sec shutter and only appeared for 5 of those seconds.

LL4 Flash/Ambient


This week we worked with both ambient light and a flash light. I really enjoyed working with the flash. The flash creates a more dramatic photo. We tried to focus the ambient light on the background and used the flash for a more dramatic look on our subjects. I feel that working with the flash actually made it easier to create a more interesting image.

HW#3 – Photoville !


Photoville was  such a great experience, filled with such beautiful and diverse work that could make anyone a fan of photography. These are some images that stood out to me. Growing up Amelia by Robin Schwartz was my favorite part of the exhibit. Schwartz did a great job at capturing her daughter Amelia growing up amongst the animals. I found it interesting how she replicated the photo of Amelia as a young girl with their cat. I enjoyed the sense of fantasy that came with the vibrant colors and disney princess style composition. The photograph on the top right was taken by Harmen Meinsma. In this project Meinsma picked random people with extraordinary personalities and gave them the experience of a glamorous of a photoshoot. What i enjoyed most about this project was the fact that the subjects were different from what you may find in main stream photography. The project consisted of portraits with beautifully loud colors, which was definitely what made it stand out to me. The last photo i chose to speak about was taken by Janelle Jones an emerging photographer. I love the creativity of this Photograph. Like the others, it is also rich in color. Leading lines in this image guide your eyes to the plate of cheetos creating for a very interesting photograph. Photoville is a unique place with a lot of talents displayed.

LL3 – Long Exposure


Today’s experiment with long exposure was a lot of fun and interesting. I found the best trick to get the most interesting photos is to wait until the lights are in motion. The long exposure allows for more information in the image, creating these cool lines all throughout the photos. I really enjoyed joining three images in photoshop to create my first photo.

Indoor Light LL2


During this project we walked around the building and find interesting lighting for some portraits. I tried to focus on creating some shadows with the focused lighting around the building. I found it a bit difficult finding interesting lighting but I tried to make the images as creative as I could with the light i had to work with.

Homework 1

Joey Lawrence: Unknown Subway Passenger on Halloween Weekend

I am now a Joey Lawrence fan. I appreciate how this photo seems to be frozen in time. There is a great use of framing with the window of the train. All eyes are on the skull causing the leading lines effect and setting the mood for the image. Figure to Ground gives this image a great contrast, making the skull without a doubt the subject of this photo. This photo caught my eye not only because of it’s beautiful composition but also because I personally love shooting during Halloween, it makes for some interesting photos.