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LL9- Light Painting


Todays light painting study was so interesting.I personally need to work on getting the correct focused. The Pixel Stick was very fun to play around with but my favorite would of had to of been working on creating multiples of the subject like image number 3. I feel that filling the frame is very important for light painting, it will make or break you’re image.

Light Painting

This is my favorite class session of all time because it is so fun and creative. The one struggle faced was when you wanted to write something, you have to write it backwards and sometimes it wouldn’t even look right. Another struggle was getting all the painting you wanted within the time frame. Using the color lights creates a different feel to the pictures. One of the pictures is not a portrait, but I found it cool to just have the color in front of the dark black background.

Light Painting NYC Light Painting My son's name  Light Painting Light Painting

Portrait Lighting 2

3point Background Light


3point Hair Light


This class was really fun because you could actually see the differences in lighting because the pictures look differently. Some of the pictures look darker and others look lighter. I actually love the darker looking pictures because it gives it more of a focus look, makes it sharper, and dramatic.



background light

edge light



For this assignment, we used different lighting to light the subject. It was interesting to see the way the number or positioning of lights can impact a photo. It was also hard to find the way the lights would look flattering and then having to manually change your settings on top of that is hard. Having another person to help is good thought. I ended up changing my aperture more than anything so it wouldn’t be overexposed.

Learning Log – 8 – Portrait Lighting 2

3 point lighting with background lighting

3 point with hair light

Butterfly Light

edge lighting

Working with artificial lights is a bit difficult for me, but at the same time, fun since you can create different effects on the subject being photographed. In this practice, I was able to work with several lights at the same time and create different looks on my model. This skill is something I would like to continue learning to have a better understanding of how to enlighten my model

Learning Log – 8 – Portrait Lighting 2

  • 3 point lighting with background lighting

  • Butterfly Light

  • 3 point with hair light

  • edge lighting

In this class I had a lot of fun taking pictures with different types of lighting effects. I never knew all the different styles of photos that could be taken just by altering the lighting. I learned a lot and will definitely use this knowledge in the future when I need to take photos of people.


Portrait Lighting 2

  • 3 Point with Background Light

  • Butterfly Light

  • 3 Point with Hair Light

  • Edge Lighting

In today’s class which I was kinda late to, we learned how to take portraits with different lighting setups. Some created deep shadows and other created really interesting points of light. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience to play around with different setups and would definitely do it over again.