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Homework #3 – Visit Photoville

I own none of these photos I just took the for a class homework project. These photos belong to their own owners from Photoville. 


This is from a container exhibition called Perspectives. I like this photo because there is a break in the pattern by this pale boy.



These are from a container exhibition called Jalila: Surviving war and famine in Yemen, by Nariman El-Mofty. It’s about survivors of Yemen and about their struggles in a war that has “raged since 2015.”



All Photoville was a great experience. Space was huge and I got to know so many photographers works. The works were of different styles: photojournalism, fashion, documentary, street photography, landscape. But the section which struck me more was the photojournalism section. Especially works by photographer Vincent Tremeau called ONE DAY, I WILL. Its a beautifully captured series of photographs revealing the real-life stories of kids who were displaced from their home cause of war. The photographer shoots the kids on a pure black background Medium Shots. The most interesting thing about the kid’s expression is that they look so happy although they had suffered in their life. So only the description of that photo opens the real truth. I think that it is a great example of storytelling and example that photography could be a great powerful tool, that can inspire and influence positively.


We were shooting hyperlapse with long exposure. I learned to to shoot with long exposure, and always look for some stable position for the camera, as handheld shooting will give blurred unnecessary results.


LL3 – Long Exposure


Today’s experiment with long exposure was a lot of fun and interesting. I found the best trick to get the most interesting photos is to wait until the lights are in motion. The long exposure allows for more information in the image, creating these cool lines all throughout the photos. I really enjoyed joining three images in photoshop to create my first photo.

LL#2 Indoor light


In today’s class, we shoot indoors using indoor lights. Before taking pictures I was wondering how to use indoor lights because indoor lights are usually blue or yellow. But as I started to take pictures I found some interesting lights and shadow so I decided to play with it also used angles in some of my photos. Here are some of my best shots.


Indoor Light

The first picture I used the made use of the blue light being cast from on of the monitors in the hallway. The second picture I noticed the light coming from the bathroom to be giving off warm colors compared to the cool colors of the hallway. For the third picture I used the light from my phone to cast shadows throughout this sculpture.



For the light challenge it was interesting to see what the end results would be, since the lighting throughout the building was weak and unflattering to say the least. I wanted to focus more on the way the subjects interacted with the environment and lighting. For the first photo I wanted to focus on framing and so I used the window frame so the only light would be coming in from the center where the face was. For the second, we took turns standing near the light of the classroom to create a soft glow effect. The third I wanted to solely focus on the harsh white light coming from overhead to create a chiaroscuro effect. And on the editing I wanted to keep the mood and colors dull and mute to keep the pieces similar.

Learning Log 2 Indoor Light


This assignment in two of the images I used leading lines to attract focus to my object, The first image is a medium close up of my model where the person is in the center of the frame. The second photo uses natural framing to make the picture more interesting and focus the attention on my object. And the third image spontaneously I took out my cell phone, and I put it under my lens to create a beautiful reflection this resulted in creating leading lines that bring attention to my object.