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HW#3 Photoville

Going to Photoville was a very interesting experience and overall I enjoyed looking at all of the different photos. These are some of the photographs that really stood out to me. Two of my most favorite of the galleries were The Players’ Tribune and Viewfinder: The Art and Craft of the Film Still. I really liked the composition of the black and white photo, which was part of The Players’ Tribune. The contrast of the athlete against that white background really caught my attention. And how the subject is centered in the photograph. The photo I really liked from Viewfinder’s collection was this still from the movie I Am Legend. This collection was my favorite out of everything there because I really like movies and it was such a treat to see all of the different movie stills. I also included a picture of a turtle because he was there and very photogenic.


HW #3 – Photoville


Chipped white paint and encroaching rust conceals the beautiful pieces of art from the people who glance and quickly walk past Photoville. I went around 6:15pm, right when the sun was getting ready to set. The sun hit the storage containers and a warm light lit up the photos and descriptions found right before you walked inside. #37, NO WAHALA, IT’S ALL GOOD caught my eye at first glance. Some of the photos were placed roughly in front of collage backgrounds filled with patterns. They were’t hung up perfectly like some in other containers and that’s what stood out to me. On top of the black paint inside, the pages that created the collage and the photo descriptions that wrapped around the creases created its own grungy and creative atmosphere.

HW#3 – Photoville !


Photoville was  such a great experience, filled with such beautiful and diverse work that could make anyone a fan of photography. These are some images that stood out to me. Growing up Amelia by Robin Schwartz was my favorite part of the exhibit. Schwartz did a great job at capturing her daughter Amelia growing up amongst the animals. I found it interesting how she replicated the photo of Amelia as a young girl with their cat. I enjoyed the sense of fantasy that came with the vibrant colors and disney princess style composition. The photograph on the top right was taken by Harmen Meinsma. In this project Meinsma picked random people with extraordinary personalities and gave them the experience of a glamorous of a photoshoot. What i enjoyed most about this project was the fact that the subjects were different from what you may find in main stream photography. The project consisted of portraits with beautifully loud colors, which was definitely what made it stand out to me. The last photo i chose to speak about was taken by Janelle Jones an emerging photographer. I love the creativity of this Photograph. Like the others, it is also rich in color. Leading lines in this image guide your eyes to the plate of cheetos creating for a very interesting photograph. Photoville is a unique place with a lot of talents displayed.

HW #3 – Visit Photoville!



Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Photoville this past weekend! There were SO many different photo projects and organizations representing different issues, I easily spent 2 hrs at this exhibition (not to mention the perfect weather on Saturday). I know apart of this post should be a critique to some of the photographers but who am I to judge these wonderful pictures that were selected to be apart of the exhibition for a reason! So here is my praise for some that stood out the most:

The first that I’d like to mention was by the Intergalatic Travel Bureau, they weren’t your traditional photographs but images taken of space (different planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc). I’m a sucker for a good galaxy pic but their container set up was by far one of the most fun and engaging. The people working the container were dressed as flight attendants and played the role of travel agents pretending to book trips for people to different planets and moons (at the very low low cost $1.8 million??). It was quite entertaining.

The second and my personal favorite was a container that was filled and set up with images and police evidence/documents from car crash that happened in Brooklyn. The artist (didn’t get this containers info) did her own investigating of this abandoned cracked car outside of a police station. Apparently the driver of the car had been killed in the accident and the investigation is still going on. She had different photos of the surrounding neighborhood (one is posted above). That specific photo has a grimey, trouble is lingering ahead feel to it and definitely captured the dark tone she was trying to set with her investigation.



LL3 – Long Exposure

In today’s class, we got to learn how to take hyperlapse with long exposure photography. We went outside to take shots. In the first two shots, we tried the basic long exposure & the third one we used the phone as a lightstick to make a heart. I think it looks interesting.

HW #3 Photoville


For me, Photoville was an incredible trip and gallery. The work was so diverse and didn’t censor or exclude minorities which is always good. From the photographers taking the pictures to the poc involved as the subject in them. The photos I chose to talk about all meant a lot to me. The first three are about Project Luz which I have heard about before and I think is an incredible organization that helps bring awareness to Latin and hispanic people and immigrants people in their art and awareness. The use of color in their photography is inspired by Hispanic culture and it reminds me of my own culture. The second set of photographs were from Asia based  photographers and their use of color was also bright but more vibrant and showed less contrast and it interested me while also feeling experimental and playful. The last photo is me and a photograph of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez because she’s a personal hero.


I honestly forgot about composition because I was dealing with hold the tripod, making sure my camera wasn’t going to fall, and the technical aspects like the shutter and f stop. I ended up with a lot of color and light and mostly focused on that. I tried zooming in and out with the second pic and moving my camera different ways.



Photoville 2019

In my visit to Photoville, there were two images that I liked and were the first ones I saw. The photographer is Peter Mather. In one of his pictures, we can see the photo of some reindeer that climb a mountain. What I liked was the framing since they create a natural leading line that goes from the first reindeer that is ahead to the last ones that are swimming through the water. Photoville is an excellent place to get inspired and see how other people capture different moments and experience. I wonder how we could get our space to show our photography?