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Learning Log 12

For this tour, my partner and I decided to “visit” the Between Art and Commerce section of this museum tour. Though many pieces caught my eye, there were a series of black and white photos that caught my attention. They appeared to be a series of abstract pictures created by Hein Gorny. I spent most, if not all of my time trying to figure out what exactly they were, and how he managed to obtain such a composition. The names of the paintings were in German and I was  curious as to what the paintings translated to.

Learning Log #12

My partner and I found “All Art is Photography” interesting from the Virtual Tour because it had different variations of styles. There were mixed of black and white and colored photos that were pretty amazing to look at. The photographs had good lighting with technical and artistic skills. It even had some photographs that had strong meanings behind it. For example, the art done by Antonio Perez Rio was really astonishing.

His works demonstrated todays generation and the society we live in. His works portrayed how technology has consumed and took over us. Everywhere we go, we see people with some sort of technology with them, for example phones. It seems like people cant live without their phones. Instead of living in the moment, people get carried away trying to capture it. People forgot about real communication since then.

The Virtual Tour form worked for me because I really enjoyed looking at different types of photography. This was a different learning style for me. I was able to see these works at my fingertips which is pretty cool.


Learning Log #12

The art exhibit that my partner and I chose to look at was All art is Photography. It was a really interesting exhibit. Some of the pictures were in black and white while others were in color. The whole exhibit was very dimly lit with an orange lighting. It gave a nice feel to the art work. One of the pieces that I found interesting was the art done by Antonio Perez Rio.

His art work was about how in this day and age people always have their mobile phones. People use their mobile phones to take pictures of everything and that included people using their phones to take pictures of famous artworks in museums. I really liked this piece because it really says a lot about our society today. Another piece that I found really interesting was the piece called “The Cave”by Nick Waplington.

I found this piece interesting because I interpreted this artwork as some kind of door and how it decorated really beautifully. Like it was talking about the world outside is so beautiful and how people are stuck inside. I wasn’t far off the art was about “how prisoners who have spend their whole life in a cave, are held in chains. All they see of the hustle and bustle of the people in front of the cave are shadows cast by the light of a fire on the back wall” I also found this artwork interesting because of the situation we’re in now and how we are all stuck inside while there is such a beautiful world out there that we can’t see and enjoy.

Learning Log #12

My partner and I both agreed that “When Images Collide” is more interesting than “All Art is Photography”. “When Images Collide” is and modern museum with interesting artwork displaying on the wall. The artworks are a sequence that tells a story and allows viewers to things what is this art piece trying to present.

My partner and I came upon these three artworks that capture our attention and was about to guess what they were. The first image shows 10 pieces of individual collages of colorful a head silhouette. It allows us to think that the pieces are recycling images to form these collages of silhouettes.

The second images were similar to what we did for our learning log 10 cropping out pictures and have them continue. We both agreed that it reminds us of the Instagram grid collage that we could have our pictures continue using the grids provided for us. These collages are 3D handbooks on the walls.

Lastly, the third image really captured my attention because it’s a very colorful collage. It shows 8 canvases on the wall describing the 4 seasons. We were able to guess it was the four-season college because of the color the artist used and what was in the collage. This artwork allows me to have a feeling of vacation and want to travel at this very moment.

Lesson #12

Shallow Learning by Aaron Hegert

Four Seasons from the series Landscape Sublime By Anastasia Samoylova  

For this week’s learning log, My partner and I had to choose an exhibit from the Biennale virtual tour. We ended up choosing the ‘When Image Collide” exhibit. Reading about this exhibition on how people used photograph to form these complex works about the world which got me interested. This exhibit catches most of my attention because of all of the colorful pieces that were there in this exhibit. Most of the photographs were mostly using collage pictures just like how Timm Rautert did for one of his works for the Harper Bazzer. However, two of the artwork in this exhibit that caught my eyes the most were Four seasons by Anastasia Samoylova & Shallow learning By Aaron Hergert. For the Four Season, it caught my attention because of the different colors she has used in her work. Like it said in the description that it seems cheerful and playful which is what I see in her work here. In Hergert’s work for Shallow learning, I really find his work pretty interesting. I really like how he frames the building in his work and as well goes for the picture of the fire I believe it is. Overall, this virtual tour was pretty interesting and new for me. It was pretty fun going around this exhibit without having to be there right during the pandemic. The only situation with this was not being able to see much of the detail on their works. I have to go close on my laptop to see the work or even look it up to get a better look at their work.

Learning log #12

For this assignment Jean and i looked at All Art is photography , Its a great show , we like the concept of what the artist was doing , its like modern meets back then , We also liked the layout of everything that was being shown. It was very welled put together and you could see every art work and understand what is being showed to you. What we didn’t like was the lighting because it was kind of hard to see the work  we don’t know if that’s how they wanted it to be or if it was a mistake. overall it was a good show . The virtual format was good but the lighting might be a problem. it was a good experience but i would rather see it up close that way i could get a better look at it.

This one of the work i saw.


Learning Log #12

Throughout the virtual tour with my partner Ayanna we both enjoyed the artwork that we were exploring. We went through different artworks that used materials to create a scene of 3 dimensional models to bring a history back to life. When discussing with my partner it felt like an image within an image that told a story it was really interesting; what also caught our eye was about a brutal execution in the middle east that with using the models in different positions even the shadows that were shown showed a strong message but was intersting. In the end, we did capture some images and talked about how an experience like this made us want to visit the museum in person once everything dies down and we are able to walk around. I did enjoy the virtual tour of this museum as it gave a different learning perspective.

Learing Log 12

during this assignment, Jason and I explored the “Reconsidering Icons” Exhibit. this was a quite interesting one. the overall theme was how famous photos were either recreated, or dissected and added a new take on it. One piece that Jason and I enjoyed the most, was “After Life” by Broomberg and Chanarin. This piece was inspired by a famous photo taken by jahangir razmi, in Iran. It was a photograph of a group of Kurdish prisoners being executed. my favorite part was how Broomberg and chanarin took the photo apart and created new compositions. This added a new dimension and perspective to the image. This experience was interesting, was definitely a genius substitute compared to the real thing. only thing is you don’t get to see the detail these artists put into the work because you can’t be right in front of it.

Learning log #12

I chose the Reconsidering Icons. Afterlife, Jahangir Razmi, August 6, 1979. I really found this photograph (C-Prints) really interesting because of how the glass is leaning against the wall. The cut out of the picture is paste against the glass and how the light shines on them. The light shines exactly on the spot of the photo and makes them have a shadow on their back. The way it is placed is what caught my attention the most, I really wished I was able to see how it would be seen in person.

learning log #12

for this learning log me and my partner look at the virtual tour for “between art and commerce” what i really like about this exhibit is how each artist focused on simple everyday thing and captured them in fun and unique ways. one that stood out to me in particular was a shot of paper clips put into an almost spherical shape.

me and my partner both agreed that out of the exhibits featured this was the most interesting, although we differed in taste, we both sound we each liked.

this was shot by Bryan Schutmaat, this was done for timex watches they wanted a series of shots throughout America as they were brining back production to the US. this was taken in New Mexico. I really like this shot because i’m a huge fan of rural shots and neon signs, what i really like about this shot is how the neon almost entirely covers the ground; it seems warm and inviting. Schutmaat does a lot of landscape photography and a lot of black and white so this picture really stands out among all his other work.

this was a really interesting and fun experience i know that this is not an entirely new concept as past museums have done it but its always a fun experience, one major gripe i have with this kind of virtual tour is not being able to click on the image and get a full view; for the shot by Bryan Schutmaat i had to go through his website to find the shot. overall a fun and interesting experience