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Learning Log #2



For the first photo I took, I tried to focus more on the dinosaur who was in the front but still capture the second dinosaur who was in the back. For the second pictures what I did was make the skull who was in the center as the main center but still have the dinosaur. However, I still have part of the second dinosaur legs in the shot.

Learning Log #1 – Jennielyn Aquino


For these photos of my partner, I kept the apertures and the shutter speed the same for both of these photos. But I was focused more on the lighting coming from the window. For the first picture, I made my partner just looking out from the window where the light hits his face. In the second picture while my partner looking on his phone I just randomly took this picture without him noticing me taking this picture. But i was focusing on the lighting where the light was hitting on the side of his face. I was trying to capture my partner’s tattoo in this shot but I failed.

Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post – Jennielyn Aquino

This photograph of Iron Man that was taken by a photographer named Michael Muller. This specific photograph caught my attention the most because of so many reasons. One of the reasons was it’s Iron Man and he’s one of my favorite Marvel superheroes. It was nice to see a photograph of Tony Stark. Another reason why this picture caught my attention was that the picture was made with perfect symmetry. Muller uses Tony Stark to fill up the entire frame in the photograph. It’s what caught my attention as well the way he used Tony Stark.