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Amaris Marte Learning Log #3






By shooting these 5 shots I wanted to focus on the lighting as I used mostly a close up blue light. To show a dramatic look on each of the shots by adjusting the light to where I want it to go; The most I did enjoy doing was the split as it created the more light source on the left side of his face.


Amaris Marte Learnin Log #1

Taking these shots and making sure the lighting was good was a step to editing and making them more better. By setting the ISO and Aperture to the right light to capture how I wanted the lighting to show in these both shots. In the first one I wanted the background to catch the attention as sets the difference between the light and darks. The second picture I shot was to focus the lighting from above and bring it down to his face; since the different lightings had different ISO’s the second one had a little lower setting than the first.

Amaris Marte Homework Assignment #1

This photography taken by Francesco Gola caught my attention because of the colors of the ocean blends in with the horizon of the sky. The ocean is one my favorite landscaps to see and visit; the serene and colors being represented in this photo makes the depth of the ocean more alive because of the photographer caught this sight. The rule of thirds is being seen here as the linear straight line just above the ocean shows the difference between the sky and the ocean as well as in the back of this shot are the mountains as the clouds start started to cover them. I just love how this photo looks like something off of Google or a pc background since the colors and sky are caught in a slow movement by the shutter speed being able to catch this moment.