Learning Log #12

My partner and I found “All Art is Photography” interesting from the Virtual Tour because it had different variations of styles. There were mixed of black and white and colored photos that were pretty amazing to look at. The photographs had good lighting with technical and artistic skills. It even had some photographs that had strong meanings behind it. For example, the art done by Antonio Perez Rio was really astonishing.

His works demonstrated todays generation and the society we live in. His works portrayed how technology has consumed and took over us. Everywhere we go, we see people with some sort of technology with them, for example phones. It seems like people cant live without their phones. Instead of living in the moment, people get carried away trying to capture it. People forgot about real communication since then.

The Virtual Tour form worked for me because I really enjoyed looking at different types of photography. This was a different learning style for me. I was able to see these works at my fingertips which is pretty cool.


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