Final project

I love styling clothes so for my final shoot I was thinking about doing fashion photography for my final project

I also love shoe was thinking about doing photo shoot with shoes like for a fashion magazine I can’t decide which one I will do

1 thought on “Final project

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Hey Sasha,
    Thanks for posting. I think that’s great. Whenever you can work in your other interests I often find the work improves just based on that love for the subject. I think you can incorporate both of those ideas together. Shoes are certainly part and parcel with fashion overall, and since you mention fashion magazines, why not try to do a spread like you would find in one? You can incorporate shots of the fashion, (on models maybe?) or product shots for the individual pieces as if needed for magazine layout. You can research that by checking out a few fashion magazines and seeing what it is they normally show and how. If you wanted to go the extra step, you could even use a tool like to create a spread or look book.


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