Learning Log #6

For this assignment, the objective was to create product photography. For my set up, I used two pieces of white Bristol paper, taped them together and posted it up on my TV stand, against my TV. My source of light came from natural light which was the sun. The lighting was not the best since right before I took the picture, there was an overcast as the clouds covered the sun. Still, I believe the photo came out good. I did some slight retouches in Lightroom before taking it into Photoshop. On Photoshop, I cut out the deodorant can using the pen tool, then put a white background. As for the shadow, I created a black oval and put a Gaussian blur on it.

1 thought on “Learning Log #6

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Nice work Sharif, I actually think the lighting came out nice on it. You don’t always want direct sunlight from a window as that can be too harsh and contrasty. But we’ll talk more about that in coming classes. You got a nice clean extraction, glad you were able to make use of the pen tool to do it. Hopefully you had a little better time with it than in the past.


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