Midterm Concept- Amaris Marte

My midterm concept is Red Ridding Hood; a modern version but a twist of a girl wears a red coat or a lot of red and walks to where her friend she’s going to meet in the city. As she is walking there is a wolf/ man following her trying to kidnap her he then approaches her and asks innocently for help but as her friend catches up to her she notices this and accompanies her to the bakery where they were going to meet.

1 thought on “Midterm Concept- Amaris Marte

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Thanks for posting this. Sounds fun, I’ve had a few people do takes on this over time, so I’m excited to see yours. Be mindful if you shoot this at night, or in generally darker settings that you don’t run into too-slow shutter speeds creating unwanted motion blur in your shots.


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