Learning Log 1-Sharif Tyler


The reason why I chose these 3 pictures is because of the lighting and my use of depth of field. When it comes to photography, I prefer to take pictures using depth of field. In order to get these pictures, I had to change the aperture, and the ISO. The light was brighter in person than the actual pictures. So I decided to change the ISO in order to get some cool effects. Out of these 3 pictures, my favorite has to be the first image with the chairs. With the second image, my intention was to put the camera in the box and take a picture to try some framing, but I was too short to reach it.

One thought on “Learning Log 1-Sharif Tyler

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    So, part of this assignment was trying to photograph your partner in light to make a portrait. Do try to make sure that’s the case for the other assignments that ask for portraits.


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