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Learning Log 0 – Best Picture

Palden by the window.

Palden by the window.

I chose this photo because I like how the natural light from the window hits the side of his face and leaves the other half semi-shaded in. I also like the dramatic feel it gives of, as if Palden is contemplating on something, additionally I believe that this photo also demonstrates the rule of thirds pretty decently.

Class Editor – Obed L



For my class assignment I was able to photograph Manu. Today we learned about available lighting. My photo is good because of the lighting in the elevator and the curtains that were used as props. I also like the texture the curtains create in the photo.

Influential Photo

I chose the photo  JFK Assassination Frame 313, because when I initially saw it I was confused what it was a picture of and why a picture this blurry would be included in a list of the 100 most influential photos. Then before even reading the title of the image I looked closer and saw this picture was depicting the exact moment a bullet shot through John F. Kennedy’s head. This was actually an image on a frame of film taken by, Abraham Zapruder. I definitely see the significance of this image since JFK was the president of the United States and it was a public event meant to be a nice greet and see the president. Something that makes this image more morbid is that just above the president’s head exploding is what looks like a child looking at this happen. I think the motion and blur in this image does not actually take away from of this image it kind of adds to this suddenness. The moment you see what this image you cannot unsee it.