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Learning Log 5 – Light Drawing

Light Drawing Light Drawing 2 Light Drawing 3 Light Drawing 4

I had a lot of fun doing this class assignment, we tried a lot of different things. From outlining each other, drawing designs, to being plain out silly. We tried several different shutter, and aperture settings (can’t remember off the top of my head) while taking these photos.

Learning Log #5


Today in class we shot light drawing pictures. To achieve these photographs, we set our camera’s settings into these: ISO 100, F13, and shutter speed to 13 seconds or more. The first photo was a double exposure. We triggered the speed light twice to achieve the “two persons” look. In the second picture, no flash was triggered to produce a silhouette. Also a light rod was used to create a background. Overall, this photo shoot was quite fun and enjoyable.

light painting

The photoshoot went really well when we communicated, the gels were fun to use. It was important to redo shots. If one shot the color was too dark the next try you would have to adjust, shoot that gel with an extra flash. Also trying to get a subject perfectly still has its moments where the end result will look really attractive. But even those slight moving moments  can make “happy little accidents”.   .