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For my class assignment I was able to photograph Manu. Today we learned about available lighting. My photo is good because of the lighting in the elevator and the curtains that were used as props. I also like the texture the curtains create in the photo.

Homework – Rihanna Album Photography – Michael Muller

I explored the work of Michael Muller. In a lot of his work he explores movement and the usage of shutter speed. I chose this photograph from his works because of the amount of movement that is involved. I like how experimental he got with the lights from the picture and how he also incorporated type which could symbolize, how the person or artist feels based on the photo.


Influential Photo – Black Power Salute – John Dominis 1968

Black Power Salute – John Dominis 1968

The reason why I chose this picture is because of the amount of braveness and solidarity it captures. This photo affected the world because of the amount of unjust things that were happening in America to Black people during the 1960s.  Also there is a lot of symbolism in the photo, for example the athlete in the middle doesn’t have any shoes on to portray the poverty in Black America and the necklaces portray lynching.