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Learning Log 5 – Light Drawing

Light Drawing Light Drawing 2 Light Drawing 3 Light Drawing 4

I had a lot of fun doing this class assignment, we tried a lot of different things. From outlining each other, drawing designs, to being plain out silly. We tried several different shutter, and aperture settings (can’t remember off the top of my head) while taking these photos.

Learning Log 0 – Best Picture

Palden by the window.

Palden by the window.

I chose this photo because I like how the natural light from the window hits the side of his face and leaves the other half semi-shaded in. I also like the dramatic feel it gives of, as if Palden is contemplating on something, additionally I believe that this photo also demonstrates the rule of thirds pretty decently.

Homework #1 – Favorite Photo and why

Landscape photo taken by Krzysztof Browko.

I chose this landscape photo taken by Krzysztof Browko, because for one, I really enjoy landscape photography, but another reason I like this photo is the contrast between the vivid green field that’s located further back and the bleak brownish field that is more forward in. The photo also seems to illustrate movement from the trees in a diagonal line formation, which is one of the rules of composition. Additionally, I was drawn to this photo because of how much negative space there is, compared to the few trees and rock there is.