Learning log #5


This was by far the most enjoyable class session. At first I was not sure of what settings the photos were supposed to be taken at because they would come out either blurry or the subject was just not in the shot. Then my group and I realized that the reason was because the light was not going off at the right moment. The light had to be flashed right after the image was shot. Then we realized that the image still wouldn’t come out, so we had fix the settings one more time and we decreased the shutter speed. The ISO remained the same at 100. We did double exposure multiple times and even though we did not get it right away, when we did we created great images in several colors using the gels. The shutter speed we used was 10, 13 and when we needed to create double exposure, we used 15 seconds so the subject could have time to move and draw with the light. My favorite part was when we created the silhouette with the LED stick the professor had.

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