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Fire Escape Collapse, Stanley Forman, 1975 stelios

Fire Escape Collapse
Stanley Forman

This photo was shocking to me, it was a tragedy captured at the perfect moment. The photographer was able to capture the facial expression of two children as they fell five floors down from a fire escape. The fire escape was suppose to save the children from fire happening inside there home  but instead the fire escape collapsed and ended one of the Childs lifes. After this photo was taken, it spread like wildfire and make fire escape safety codes get much tougher so nothing like this could ever happen again.

Influential Photo

first cellphone photo

First Cell-Phone Picture by Philippe Kahn (1997)

The image above shows the first picture taken with a cellphone. What makes this photograph important is because it represents the early stages of mobile photography and how cellphones became a new tool for photography.

Influential Photo – Black Power Salute – John Dominis 1968

Black Power Salute – John Dominis 1968

The reason why I chose this picture is because of the amount of braveness and solidarity it captures. This photo affected the world because of the amount of unjust things that were happening in America to Black people during the 1960s.  Also there is a lot of symbolism in the photo, for example the athlete in the middle doesn’t have any shoes on to portray the poverty in Black America and the necklaces portray lynching.

Inspirational Image

I really liked this picture because it captured the movement of the water how the person used his body to create movement with an element like water. With one snap of a picture you can see how the water is spread all over and how it has a flow to it. The man is position in the middle of the picture, that’s where my eye went towards. and then my eyes moved to how the water was used to portray an image.