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Learning Log #2 Natural Light Portraits

The 3 photos that i’ve uploaded above composition were filling the frame. The first one, I lower the shutter speed and put the aperture a littler higher because I wanted to show the bushes in the back. The middle photo composition is center and in the back you can see some leading lines. The last photo was a great photo to me because the model show half of his face and really close up shot.

Learning Log #1 Light & Shadows

The natural light and shadow seem to work on these photos that I took. The first one that I took, the model is in 3 quarter view. The shadow that we used was with the trees outside. The composition fill in the frame. The second photo, the model is facing towards the camera. For this one I lower the IOS to get a dark look and make the sunlight stand out more. The last one, the model is facing side ways. All of the shadow is going towards his side. Not that much sunlight was directly on him. All of the 3 photos have in common is that they all fill in the frame.

Homework #1 Photographer Blog Post

`Joe McNally’s photographs caught my attention with his portrait photography. I’m studying portrait photography and he gave me some new ideas I could try. One of his photographs that I found interesting was the one with the guy holding a torch. This photo has a interesting look. It has motion and a clear look. Usually shooting a motion picture the image is blurry but this one is different. What I notice that the subject is not center which makes the image more interesting. It gives it more of a lead room. The colors in the photograph has a dark tone make it look like an action kind of theme. What also make Joe McNally a great photographer is that his photographs has stories behind them.

Top Modern Photographers You Should Know About

HW — Draft, Classic Editor

This photo is important because during that time in India there’s was a lot of corruption. Gandhi used his spinning wheel to bring peace into the country and independence. After Gandhi death, the photo was published and it became an indelible image according to This photograph of Gandhi and the spinning wheel shows a composition between the 2 subjects. The spinning appeared bigger than Gandhi but in reality Gandhi is bigger. Also filling the frame is shown in the photo and a close up shot and a far away shot.