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Learning Log #4 Flash/Ambient

Using a speed light to add lighting to these images were really cool. It was a slight over cast with the sunlight peaking in out of the clouds. I used the natural sunlight to my advantage and placed the speed light in front of Marione to create a glow of light on her. I used many different angles an positioned her in different spots to catch the sunlight that came from behind her. In the images I posted the sun was hidden with clouds but it highlighted Marione’s face very nicely I think. In the last image the sun was actually glaring in her direction but due to me positioning her in an area where she had to sit low, I was able to create a soft diffused setting which actually made it look dark out. I kept in mind a low iso, and aperture. All in all very enjoyable photos.

Learning Log #3 Street Photography

These pictures were fun to take. I had to think of creative ways to take them without people paying attention, due to it being lunch time. I did my best to catch people in there element, working, thinking, eating and even arguing. The guy at the cart actually waved after I took his photo. In the last photo the females expression caught my attention an I actually caught her as she looked my way. I zoomed in on my subjects, to make them the  main idea for the image with a busy surrounding. In all the images except the last one, I intentionally wanted to to capture more people in each image, besides my main subject to create a better since of their environment. I noticed that the best photos are the ones when no one is paying attention, it becomes more organic an tells a real story.


Learning Log #2 Natural Light Portraits


In today’s assignment we worked with the help of a reflector to add light on our models t for portraits. This was very difficult to do being that it was a cloudy day, which gave us more of a diffused scenery at our destination. When the sun did come out it was still very difficult to catch a cast of light on my model. It was also hard to find exactly the sun’s direction. With the photos I choose,  I used the rule of third as direction on how I positioned Marione in my frame. Photographing her off center on one side leaving space to view the scene behind her. She also gave me great poses were she would turn her body to help with my angle. In the first photo I worked with the lines from the gate to create a composition with leading lines that lead towards Marione. In the second an third I focused on Marione, while blurring out the background. I also left a little personality leaving people and cars in the background to create a sense of reality within the photo. Over all enjoyed photographing and using the reflector outside for the first time.

Homework #1- Photographer Blog Post

I really enjoyed viewing Jerry Ghionis’s work. Ghionis is known for being one of the top five wedding photographers in the world. Once you get a look a his portfolio (which include portraits also) you will see why. After meeting and marrying his wife Melissa they traveled internationally an created a business together.Ghionis creating playful and imaginative photography that tells a story showing personality, love and confidence. You get a sense of what type of photographer Ghionis is, with how comfortable an free his subjects look in the photographs. Using a Nikon, Ghionis creates simple, yet descriptive setting of love amongst the couples and their families. Also catching shots that are unforgettably distinct, with a contemporary style.  The photo I picked is a bride in a beautiful dress, with her back facing the camera showing her profile. At first I didn’t notice but there is an elegant reflective nude of the bride within the same photograph in the same position. The bride postioned in the light to give off a shadow that is now her nude reflection. Leaving space for the reflection to fade in the photograph. It is down very tastefully, and whatever the story is behind this photo is gives me a sense off, “I am a sexy bride, with or without clothing, and I’m ready to wed”.

Learning Log #1 Light & Shadow

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

While taking my light an shadow images, my main focus was to position my subjects to fill the frame. I changed angles for a cast of sunlight on one side of each of my classmates an created contrast with shadows. In photo 1 there is a composition of figure to background, with a blurry background. This enhances my subject and brings her forward in the image. The leaves from the trees above her creates diagonal shadows across her face still leaving plenty light on her and around her. In photo 2 an 3 the focus was on my subjects face, bringing it upward towards the sunlight to avoid a harsh shadow on her face due to the brim of her hat. The shadows from the leaves, creates contrast an a balance of light an dark.