Extra credit exhibition visit 3 paragraphs

I think Fred W. Mcdarrah did a good job with his pictures for his exhibition. The black and white photos were good and he was able to get the details of the scene he was at. Fred W. Mcdarrah is good at his techniques with photography and the pictures he took for his exhibition basically shows that.

When i looked through the exhibition i just remembered some of the photography techniques. Specifically the techniques i learned in photography 2. For example, the techniques i was reminded of were “Rule of Thirds” and i remembered some of the general composition rules when i saw photos that were taken in those respective ways.

Last thing ill say is that, the pictures were taken with just pure skill to say it simply. That’s mainly why i say Fred W. Mcdarrah is a good photographer and he seemingly just froze the moment; That is how detailed the photos in his exhibition looked. I don’t like taking the train but my experience was ok.

prove i went

ticket proof

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