Learning Log #8 – Portrait Lighting 2

3 point with background light Butterfly/Clamshell Lighting Edge Lighting 3 point with hair light

In today’s class activity we did 4 different portrait lighting which were butterfly/clamshell lighting, edge lighting, 3 point with hair light, and 3 point with background light. In the first photo, I photographed my subject in front of the 3 point background light, he chose a more ominous pose covering half his face. The background posed as a little bit of a challenge because of its texture but we managed to make it work as a team. The second photo was in front of the butterfly/clamshell lighting which was by far my favorite because it was the most natural and had a lifestyle feel to it. I also loved that my subject was in his most natural form, laughing and smiling. My third photo was the edge lighting which created a dramatic effect. The last one was the hair light and it was an interesting light to move around. This was my favorite class work that we’ve done so far because of my partners and the lighting that we had been given.

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