Learning Log #7- Portrait Lighting 1


Short Split

Split Lighting

Loop Lighting

Broad Split


Here are the best 5 shots of each different type of lighting that we learned today. These took a lot of directing with each model. With all 5, I directed my classmates to follow my finger and to adjust their heads either facing away or toward the light. These are by far the hardest images to achieve yet this semester because you had to pay very close attention to where the light landed in order to get the correct lighting on the face. We had to move the light up and down due to hight and positioned the light closer to achieve harsher shadows. It was also hard to distinguish all five at one time, but I really learned a lot an phases that helped me remember. Like the closer, the light it’s broad light on your model, and the farthest away from the light is the short light side, (sounds right).

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